Ballistic Bomb Blankets

Ballistic blankets are also referred to as bomb blankets and can be used to cover a suspect thing or hang against windows to protect occupants of buildings.  A ballistic blanket is made of extremely strong and lightweight ballistic materials. It offers a protective barrier against ammunition, bullets and fragmentation.  The most benefit of ballistic blankets is that they are convenient & portable form of protection.Ballistic Bomb BlanketsThey are designed to be cover quickly and easily over doors, walls, windows and any susceptible thing.  In high-risk situations, they can be deployed at swift action. Ballistic blankets have a very wide range of applications, and they can be used effectively in conjunction with other ballistic equipment such as shields, tactical clothing and helmets etc.

These blankets can be used for vehicles such as vehicle door or floor panels, and more. In a high risk situation, the blanket can also be used as a personal shield. Bomb blanket can be used to protect people and property in a broad range of situations.  It can be used as a movable ballistic barricade to be protected from a hostile situation.

It can add more ballistic protection during a shoot out or armor-up any area where a team needs additional protection from the enemy. Few key feature of ballistic blanket are:-

Flexible and portable Level IIIA protection and can be upgraded also.

Easy to carry, store and transport

Intrinsically safe Durable – 500 Denier CORDURA® cover

Ballistic or Fragmentation blankets are available in a range of colors, sizes, styles and protection levels according to the requirements of the individual user.

The more highlighted feature of ballistic bomb blanket is that it can be easily attached to vehicle doors to provide ballistic protection when transporting to a VIP or and other high risk operation. Also the hard armor panels can be added to blankets to increase protection level against high velocity rifle ammunition.

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