Ballistic Products Requirement for Personal Protection

Pasgt Helmet

All ballistic products with overview

Ballistic Helmets

Mich Helmet: Manufactured from multiple layers of lightweight , high-tech, advanced aramid composite laminated under heat and pressure.

mich helmet

Pasgt Helmet: PASGT helmets from HARD SHELL are resistant to all weather temperature conditions.

Pasgt Helmet

Special Force Helmet: Our Special forces helmet are constructed out of the lightest ballistic fiber. It protects against NIJ standard level II or level IIIA 9mm.

SF Helmet

Ultra Lightweight Helmet: The Hard Shell Ultra light Ballistic Helmet(US Personal armour System Ground Troops) is designed to protect against fragments/shrapnel and other ballistic threats with improved comfort.

Ultra Light Weight Helmet

Other Protection Products

Bomb Disposal Suit: The Bomb Disposal Suit is designed with the use of state of art material  which provide high level of protection  in personal protection for modern day EOD technicians enveloping from head to foot, which easy to wear and allows the wearer far greater comfort and ease of movement compared to the normal EOD Suit.


In this 21th century all the protection product become a part of the human life or becoming part of human life.

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