Body Armor Styles

Bullet proof vests are available in a wide range of styles, and also can be customized for different uses. For example road safety and fire safety staff require body armor with high visibility facility. Forces, military personnel and law enforcement require rugged material along with extra protection for neck, groin and arms. The broad range of covers and accessories are available in the market and can be designed to any specification required.

There are three main and popular forms of body armour:

Covert Armour:

Covert armour is also known as concealed armour which is worn under the clothing and gives the wearer protection when attacked. Also it fits well so that it will not be detected by the attacker he does not normally expect the victim to survive. Usually covert armor is made in lighter colors and in the thinnest possible specifications. Covert vests are generally lined with moisture a wicking fabric that gives coolness over extended periods of use. They are perfect wear for officers who work for undercover operations, and who may need to conceal the facts of wearing body armour.

Body Armor

Overt Armour:

Overt armour, is worn where no concealment is required and threat is in front of wearer, like battle field.  It works as a protection shield to the wearer to defeat the threat. The colors in this style of armour are specific to use and the amount that is worn can give a distinct primacy to the wearer, as it proves the appearance of a squad of fully protected riot police. Overt or tactical body armour is normally used for the protection against high threat level. This style armour is most common among soldiers, swats, police, law enforcement officers, and security personals.

Tactical Overt Armour

Tactical armour is used where the wearer needs a form of protection along with other practical functions; tactical pouches, camouflage, MOLLE load; medical kit etc.

Body Armour has developed due to increases in threat. Before selecting body armour, everyone must undertake detailed research on the levels and patterns. This information will be helpful to confidently choose bulletproof warrior vest according to the level and type of attack you may face.

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