Med-Eng Unveils Most Advanced and Protective Bomb Suit in History



Ottawa, CAN -( Med-Eng announced today the launch of its highly anticipated EOD 10 Bomb Disposal Suit & Helmet ensemble, at SHOT (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade) Show 2016.

The system offers much enhanced functionality and is the result of an aggressive development program that challenged conventional thinking on bomb suit design to achieve significant gains in weight reduction, physical mobility and application of new technologies, while increasing protection levels.

This new generation ensemble takes a user-centric approach to bomb suit design with outstanding results. The suit is a remarkable 15 percent lighter; the helmet has been completely redesigned; and, the system’s ergonomics have been carefully tailored to redistribute weight loading and maximize range of motion. A patent pending system for enhanced load distribution, impact protection and ventilation has been integrated into the ensemble. An extensive Human Factors Engineering program confirmed that these advancements reduce physical strain, allow longer missions without fatigue and enable users to more easily overcome obstacles and conduct challenging tasks, such as vehicle or building searches. Read more


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