Modern Body Armour for Today’s Soldier

The concern for better protection and combatant mortality for a soldier in battle has been always on priority. Body armour is the most important protection gears of a soldier. It works as a protective shield for a soldier which protects his body to avoid injuries to the crucial part of the body. In today’s combat scenarios s there is a demand for more agile, comfortable and flexible armour.

Body armour comprises of three main parts: an outer carrier, soft armour and hard armour which offers the protection against various threats. For critical body areas like groin, neck, shoulders and sides can also be protected with additional ballistic attachments to regular body armour. A modern soldier’s body armour needs to be essentially easy to wear and should be comfortable for extended period of time so that it can allow the soldier freedom of movement. Uncomfortable body armour can hinder a soldier’s movement and can disturb him from his work or operation.

Body Armour

Good quality body armour needs to provide maximum protection in extreme conditions and changing climates. It is also extremely important that body armour of a modern soldier should be accommodated   with mission critical equipment’s which are required in battlefield.

Hard Shell has a long standing history in the design and manufacture of world leading body armor and personal protection equipment’s. We design body armour to ensure maximum flexibility in the in the distribution of weight and integration of ballistic protection, without the need to compromise on combat effectiveness.


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