Russia Set to Get New ‘Terminator’ Armored Vehicles


The Russian Federation is set to receive an unknown number of tank support vehicles dubbed “Terminators” in 2018. Designed to support tanks on the battlefield with a withering amount of firepower, Terminators carry a mix of missiles, light cannon, and machine guns that can engage everything from enemy tanks to ground troops.

The BMPT armored vehicle is the result of Soviet and Russian experiences in Afghanistan and post-Cold War conflicts in Chechnya. Soviet and later Russian tanks such as the T-72 were optimized for engaging NATO tanks on the battlefield and were not as efficient at battling guerrillas and light infantry. Guerrillas and light infantry, however, with anti-tank weapons such as the RPG-16 and Kornet missiles, are very efficient at battling tanks. They are also difficult for Russian tankers, sealed up in their vehicles and only able to see out of their armored vision blocks, to identify before they become a threat. Read more


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