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Historically, Body armours were used to protect military personnel in battlefields. The present day war is fought on an individual level. When a person life is at stake, the right body armour can make all the difference. Body armour of superior quality can be the fine line between life and death or serious injury in an emergency situation. Law enforcement, Defence and security forces, private citizens need to ensure that they can count on to their body armours to remain safe through dangerous condition.

Hard Shell is the world’s most trusted company which has its own ability to weave Kevlar (Duly supported by DuPont) and in-house manufacturing capability to produce hard armours composite panels which is lighter and stronger than steel and technical expertise in designing and tailoring clothing for different military applications. Hard Shell has manufactured advanced ceramic body armour components for a number of years and works closely with end users. Body armour provides a complete solution for the law enforcement gears.

When you are measuring how effective your body armor is against the different forms of threats, there are certain levels of standards that are used. These standards are governed by the national institute of justice. These levels are usually used to provide a gauge by which you can relatively measure the amount of protection that armor is capable of giving. These are arranged depending on the amount of energy that the vest can absorb. Hard shell holds access to ballistic testing ranges where the body armours as well as all the other products are tested thoroughly by the expert research and development team.

Hard Shell ensures every customer gets complete support throughout the order process and provide in depth guides with details on all aspects of body armour, from choosing the most suitable protection levels to selecting the correct sizes.

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