The 4 Best Ballistic High Cut Helmets to Buy

Every SWAT and Military needs a ballistic high cut helmet.

Ballistic high cut helmets provide protection from fragmentation and pistol caliber threats.

In addition to this, they offer protection from high impact with walls, vehicles or even fists.

Definitely, a ballistic high cut helmets are a must-have for military or soldiers who get involved in high-risk missions.

Without further ado, here are the best ballistic high cut helmets:

  • Helmet – MICH

The MICH helmet is perfectly crafted to maintain a high view of the surrounding and improve hearing though the PASGT style.

Mich helmet is light weight, high cut at the back and is highly compatible with the communications equipment.

Here are some of the integrated features that improve the safety:

  • High Ballistic performance
  • Perfect fit suspension system
  • Compatible with most of the communication devices

The MICH helmet is also resistant to water, moisture, and flame.

It’s also important to note that the helmet has a protection level of NIJ Level -1119mm bullets

  • Ultra Weight Ballistic Helmet

The ultra-weight ballistics helmet is made to provide comfort without compromising on safety.

It protects against fragments and other ballistic threats.

It’s commonly used by the Military, Special Forces, and Swat teams.

Main Features of the Ultra lightweight ballistic helmet.

  • Crown mesh with cross straps
  • Made of high polyethylene material
  • Heat and impact protection
  • Resistant to water, moisture, and flame.
  • Compatible with most of the communication devices

Special Force Bulletproof Helmets

  • Special Forces Helmet

As the name suggest, this ballistic high cut helmet suits the Special Forces and the SWAT team.

The Special Forces helmet has no lip or ear coverage. Therefore, it enhances maximum comfort and stability.

Key Features of the Special Forces helmet:

  • High Ballistic Performance
  • Perfect fit Suspension system
  • Compatible with add-on communication devices
  • Resistant to all weather temperature conditions, water, and moisture.
  • PASGT Ballistic Helmet

The PASGT is specially designed for the SWAT team and Special Forces.

This helmet offers protection from ballistic threats and other impacts from fro example vehicles.

Also, this ballistic high cut helmet provides comfort and a good view of the surrounding.

It’s very compatible with the latest communication devices.

Here are some Key features:

  • High-tenacity ballistic aramid fiber DuPont Kevlar.
  • Perfect fit suspension System.

The above ballistic high cut helmets are tested both in the field and international laboratories to ensure they meet the standard qualities needed.


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